Moments Like Mary’s

As a mother of sons I awoke early on this day before Good Friday, my thoughts turning to the heart wrenching time of Mary’s moments, a mother near the cross at her son’s crucifixion.

I know what it feels like to share a moment of silent communication between my sons; a moment when only our eyes meet and we know the messages of our hearts.  I sense that Mary’s final moments with Jesus captured a poignant give and take when all they could convey centered on a look between them.  Her devotion and love to her son, His steadfast promises to provide support for her.  She stayed near him, she gave him all she could, a mother’s loving presence imparted in a shared, accepted look.

As I open my Bible to John 19:26-27 I read,

“When Jesus saw his mother there and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, Dear woman, here is your son, and to the disciple, Here is your mother From that time on this disciple took her into his home. “

As he faces death, Jesus demonstrates his compassion to his mother, Mary.  He boldly brings her comfort and protection in her earthly home by securing her future with his disciple, John.

What were Mary’s moments then?

Did she experience flashbacks of her son’s childhood as she cared for him…a wobbling toddler reaching with outstretched arms for her, a racing child running and laughing with his brothers, a serious student seeking knowledge with confidence, a gentle healer bringing solace to the suffering, a teacher daring to challenge the leaders of his time.

What were Mary’s moments then?

I think of the good-byes I have said to my sons.  We usually have a chance to give each other a reaffirming hug ending with a simple “love you, see you later.”  Our emotions tangle our tongues leaving us with one parting pause as we nod towards each other.  I cannot begin to understand how I would say good-bye to one of my sons as he dies before me.  I cannot compare my simple good-byes to Mary’s profound powerful moments.

Did Mary uphold his presence in the final moments breathing deeply to steady her shaking spirit?  Did she hold his gaze in a reassuring rapport that spoke silent words, “my son, I love you; my Lord thank you, I pledge my life to serve others in your name.”

Tomorrow is Good Friday. My prayers pull my viewpoint to a hill outside Jerusalem, where Jesus hangs on a cross dying.  Near the cross I see Mary, her face raised up to see her son.

Mary’s moments… a focused presence, at the foot of the cross.

May I strive to model my faith and trust in like-fashion.

May I continue to look up to truly see Jesus, to share continual moments of communication with him, to gratefully accept his loving compassion and guidance in my life, to strive to find ways to serve others in his name.

May I seek to accept and recognize that He knows, and sees my heart.

I pray for…  Moments like Mary’s.

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