Walking Through Holy Week

A number of years ago I wrote a special tribute for my father’s confirmation class as they celebrated their 50 year anniversary in the church where they had been confirmed.  I grew up in the same church and was confirmed some 40 years ago. So as I “walk through Holy Week” toward Easter Sunday, I share these simple words, as they remind me that life may change, but my relationship with my Lord remains ever present… Still.

STILL here with me?

Ah yes, the years have rolled on down, our journey meandering, our adventure evolving with you here.

  Here with me.  By my side …STILL.

STILL seeking answers from me?

You haven’t always received what you expected, but in every response we have traveled well together.

  You and I, side by side…STILL.

STILL needing forgiveness from me?

Our conversations have covered much ground, my friend.  I am familiar with you, accepting you.

  Lifting you up to continue on… STILL.

STILL hoping for love from me?

We made a promise many years ago, you and I.  My arms will never close to you.

  Keep reaching.  My arms are open…STILL.

STILL looking for guidance from me?

Let’s never stop on our journey together.  Let us be bold.  With courage let us meet the paths before us with determination, with conviction.

  Carry on with my assurance…STILL.

STILL here with me?

Ah yes, the years will keep rolling on down.  Some like a roller coaster, some like a peaceful walk in the woods.

But my friend, you and I, we will always land together.

  Side by side…STILL.

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