Whether I walk or wonder I begin…
Embracing the beginnings, exploring by wandering…

We’re not always looking for them when they find us,
They pick us up, tossing us like playful waves rolling shells to the shore,
Churning us around a bit before we glide to a stop on a smooth, shimmering beach.

Sometimes they come to us like secret gifts wrapped in fancy paper,
or rolled up inside plain brown bags,
We don’t know what to expect, we are grateful, but unsure;
excited, but cautious.

When we meet them face to face sometimes they loom before us
like a path leading into a forest,
Will it lead us to unknown streams to cross, to wet leafy slopes where we might slide,
past rocks or tree roots which threaten to make us stumble?

Sometimes they sweep us away like a hot air balloon ride
that keeps us above the storms,
Bouncing on the clouds, sailing on the wind,
with the sun never casting shadows our way.

Well met and ventured into, may be fresh as new fallen snow,
where we make our own tracks,
Where we take a running jump and slide down the nearest snow bank,
Where we tilt our faces to welcome snowflakes as they land on top of us.

They come to us today,
They are here reaching out to us, beckoning us to embrace them,
Daring us to charge along on their challenges,
Promising us strength to endure, faith to see beyond,
and hope to continue.
Let us welcome our Beginnings  and all that they are and will be!
May we mark these Beginnings  of our journey together,
arm in arm with prayer.
And may these, our Beginnings, unwind into a comfortable journey
on which we carry patience, understanding, and kindness.
A journey that Begins  and continues with the light of Hope and Faith!!


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