Whistles in the Wind

railroad-tracks-480466_1280I grew up in a small town with a train track cutting through the bottom of town.  Throughout the day and night the familiar sounds of train whistles broke the silence of my thoughts or dreams.

When I married and moved away, I discovered that wherever we moved I could hear a train whistle in the distance.  Sometimes I found that the tracks led the trains through my new ometown, sometimes the tracks followed a route on the edge of town.  I always found it comforting to hear a train whistle sending out its vibrations across the miles.

Living in our current neighbourhood out in the country, I didn’t expect to hear a whistle while walking with Dusty.  But there it is like an old tune I sing by heart; it cries over the fields and farms by the river and into my soul.  The train rambles on tracks following the river, but its whistle greets my ears with a fond hello.

On your walk next time, listen for the familiar sounds that comfort your soul.  Whether they whistle or sigh, let the sounds fill you with a new found resolve to find contentment wherever you are.

Dusty and I will listen for “Whistles in the Wind” on our walks and share them with you as we wander.

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