About Dee

IMG_6191 - Version 2Denise grew up in a little town in Pennsylvania, at a time when wandering by yourself from dewy morning to firefly evening wasn’t a risk, but a reality.  The only one in her Girl Scout troop to earn the Writer’s Badge, she began a lifetime journey seeking to use words to inspire others.  Married to an Albertan, she now lives near Calgary, Alberta where wandering with her dog Dusty from Prairie sunrise to Rocky Mountain sunset promises new beginnings each and everyday.  She’s known as the Mom who loves to bake cookies and muffins, but please, just call her   …Dee

One thought on “About Dee

  1. Joan Gosnell says:

    Dee, I have been reading a few of your blogs. They are so heart warming and inspiring. Reading them puts a calm over me. A stress reliever. You always had the talent of writing beautiful words. I have singed up to read them daily. Thank you. I would love to see you and Brad. Maybe next year when I retire we may take a trip way up north. With love, Joan


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