Healing by His Loving Care

Like many of you throughout this past year I have sought healing strength, healing wisdom, and healing guidance. Whether praying to heal physically, emotionally, or spiritually, when I focus my prayers on healing through the Lord’s loving care, I set in motion a beautiful agenda for my day.

This morning I focused my thoughts not just on myself but on you, my friends and family who I know seek healing, in all areas.

For the past few days, I wake up praying over you, beginning with the Lord’s Prayer for guidance. I focus on the loving, rescuing Father, our Father, our Almighty God, all holy, all merciful. Yahweh, all knowing, ever present, constantly providing exactly what we need. I pray that His power and His holiness will fill you up every single moment of the day. May He deliver you from every evil, from every attack of the unknown. May you trust that even as you cannot possibly see or understand everything that He is fighting, He continues to fight for you and with you.

Oh, the rhythm and beauty of saying “Hallowed be thy name.” He created every tiny fiber of your being, and He strengthens and maintains you according to His will. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. Open yourselves to His heart through your prayers for healing. Pray for the release of the love and purposes He has for you. No matter how your day begins, unfolds and ends, He leads you. He, the great provider knows your needs.

I have started asking this phrase throughout this long COVID timeframe. What still matters?

Trusting and depending on God. Trusting and letting go to His loving care.

I grew up body surfing in the waves that crash onto the New Jersey shore. But I also know the beauty and serenity of floating on the current just past the point where the waves break. I can float and feel secure in the buoyant waters, gently being lulled amidst the undulating motion, but not swept away to crash with the waves. When I need to, I visionally toss myself, no, I fling myself at the feet of Jesus. He comes to me and He pulls me with Him into the waters. We wade past the rising waves; we smash through the crests that catch us in their wake. Then we stretch out onto our backs finding our place in the rolling tides. Floating with Jesus, in His presence, in His healing love.

Today I pray that you may find yourself lifted and held in the peaceful presence of our Lord. May His loving care provide the healing you require today.

I invite you to pray with me, “Our Father, in your name, deliver us, by your power, through your glory and in your healing love.”

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