New Sunrises

I tried last week to renew this blog as promised (to myself) for the September timeframe.  

Last Tuesday I wrote:

September 22 ushers in a new Fall season! The earth begins to tilt so that we become slightly out of reach for the early morning sun, causing our 5 AM awakenings to begin with starlight. This morning my husband and I stood in silence on our backyard deck deciphering constellations, pinpointing planets, and awaiting the first sounds of morning.

A couple days later I sat entranced with the way the initial rays of light outlined the tree branches at the edge of our inner backyard of trees. Tracing the ruffled fringes of spruce needles, catching the slight trembling of the poplar leaves as they let go of their grasp on the twigs and cascaded to the ground below. First light, painting with dabs of shimmering gold, a fingerpaint daub of pink peaking from behind the dim, shadiness. Light slowly easing into our protected patch, pulling back the curtain of darkness before us.

My 11-month-old grandson, Fraser, and I looked out from the kitchen and marvelled at the morning unveiling. I didn’t know that sunrise could accompany the moments of yogurt smearing over chubby cheeks, and cheerios squishing through sticky fingers. But September sunrise suddenly became a new art form accompanied by Fraser chirruping a garble of sounds while savouring the beginning of his day.

For a few mornings in a row while Fraser stayed with us, I didn’t turn on the kitchen lights as we ate breakfast together. Instead amidst shadows and silhouettes I whispered descriptions of sunrise surprises to Fraser while we listened to a concert of classical music. It inspired us to sway or move our heads in rhythm to the raising crescendos. When Fraser cocked his head in response to clashing cymbals, I slapped my palms together to mimic the unseen percussion. He raised his little hands and waved bye-bye to me, one of his new accomplishments for the month. I interpreted it as his happy salute to the melody that caused Nana to dance in circles in front of him. Or maybe orchestral conducting begins at an early age?? Fraser and kitchen sunrises will forever highlight my repertoire of September memories!

Today as I realized a few hours remain on this September 30th, I wondered how I could settle into this consistent commentary to maintain my promise to myself. I plan to write inspiring and entertaining messages in this blog based on my Nana experiences. I set forth this goal last month when I honestly believed I would have a few weeks to outline and sketch out what I envisioned I could accomplish. And then, of course, Nana had a few calls to duty that threatened to sidetrack this blog before it ever began. Oh well, I now have lots of scribbled notes that I plan to ponder over, eventually tugging and pulling them into sentences to delight and distract you, or at the very least serve as a journal of my Nana Dee’s delights.

I bade goodbye to my sunrise buddy late Monday afternoon. He and his parents moved into a new home in a quaint little neighborhood close to parks and children friendly activities. One day next week I hope to join him for a morning stroller walk along the riverside trail that leads to the Calgary zoo. Happy October days beckon to become days of golden adventure!

Beginnings… the conception of my original blog.

I like to believe that I have re-entered this blog to produce the promise of beginnings that will happen over and over again every day. Perhaps I have re-entered this blog as a renewal of trust. I trust that new sunrises will bring ideas and stories worth sharing. I trust that each day will uncover ways to nudge my creative perceptions into words. I trust that I may provide you, dear reader, with hope and smiles for the day unfolding in front of you.

Talk to you again, soon.  Nana Dee

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