Here, Grip my Hope

Who could ever imagine that March 2020 would bring about this worldwide pandemic, this life or death crisis. How do we walk through this together? How do we remind each other that despite the weight of what may come next we can lighten each other’s spirit and each other’s perspective. Even as we cannot take each other’s hand physically, we can grip firmly and boldly to share each other’s hope.

Here, take my hand. Take my assurance and encouragement. Here, grip my hope, I will never let you go!

I walk around moving within a constant prayer, holding up each of my loved ones to be guarded and protected from this deadly virus. My emotions seem spent before the sun even rises, as I place my heart and spirit in close proximity to those who live in separation from me.

Here, take my hand. Take my assurance and encouragement. Here, grip my hope.

I woke up this morning recalling the way our youngest son walked with us as a toddler and preschooler. For whatever reason he needed to know that we held his hand in a solid grasp. We would offer our hand in front of him and he would reach out to slide his into ours. But as that little hand became ensconced in safety, he paused. He waited until he felt a tug that assured him we definitely had him in our grip. We took hold of him, but actually had to gently pull him forward before he began walking next to us.

This morning I wanted that. Before my feet hit the floor as I ventured from my bedside, I wanted to know that my hand would be gripped in a sure and steady grasp. I wanted to feel a grip of hope.

Lord, tug me forward. Lord guide me to walk through this with your wisdom, your mercy, your kindness, your hope.

Even as I contemplate how to help others through this, I pray wholeheartedly for the ability to offer hope to anyone who needs to come into close proximity of it as each day unfolds. Don’t let it move too far forward, don’t let it be barred by an expanse that becomes unreachable. In this time of social distancing, don’t hesitate, reach. Place your hand beyond your fear.

I promise I will wait for you. I will take hold of you in prayer, with words of encouragement, with ways to promote laughter and lightheartedness amidst this crisis. I will tug you along on this long walk that winds before us.

I will take your hand, I will let you feel the grip of my hope.

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