A Snowflake’s Link to Heaven

We all have cherished ones in our lives in the midst of illnesses or situations that will bring their earthly time to an end.  The other morning I arose with these thoughts in mind for a dear friend…


Yesterday’s snowfall seemed to come and go so sporadically as if each snowflake awaited its turn to slide down through the skies and take its place on earth. I paused and thought of you surrounded by your loved ones, each so uniquely filled with love and hope for you coming to offer their presence like a snowflake gently landing close by, sliding next to you to bring sweet refreshment and comfort.

When I look at the layered snow this morning it seems that each snowflake linked within the pattern of the other one and simply sighed in relief.

I am praying that as you sense how each one of your family surrounds you with their unique and beautiful love you will be filled with a contented sigh. You will know beyond a doubt the depths of their love for you. You will marvel how you simply fit together, trusting how the patterns blend and create a more perfect wholeness.

I pray that you will feel the wonder and beauty of your life as you rise to take your place in heaven. To marvel at the way you will be gently lifted up, upon a current of unseen but powerful grace, and specifically placed within the loving arms of Jesus. You will find your link within that love, and with those who long to cherish and love you there.

Looking out onto the undisturbed snow, the coming dawn begins to highlight the endless intricate facets of fallen snowflakes. Oh the sparkling wonder of each one.

I hear laughter, I feel tears, I feel the arm in arm happiness of knowing that nothing can or ever will separate you from the strength and power of God’s enduring love. It’s as secure as being swung around in your family’s carefree craziness, it’s as true as being thrown off course by their resounding surprises.

May you always know how dear and true you are to those who know you best. May you always know how cherished and adored you are by God and how your life reflects His love to your family.

Be at peace in His love, always Denise…

Jesus said to her,” I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, through he may die, he shall live. And whoever live and believes in me shall never die. “

John 11:25-26


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