Diamonds all along the way!

Diamonds all along the way, diamonds beckoning me to reach down and scoop up their glittering beauty, to toss them over my head so that they shower me with cascading rivulets of bouncing, dancing lights.  Diamonds all along the way, lining the side of the road, sparkling from the tips of every stalk of grass, glinting in the morning sun, shimmering just beyond my windshield, frosted diamonds darting, dazzling like a strand of flickering strobe lights.  I could almost hear them resounding in their glory, following me like a crescendo up the crest of the hill.  Diamonds, albeit frozen icicle diamonds caught in the rays of the sun as it beamed across the fields, diamond icicles all along the way, lining the road on my drive toward the highway.  Could there be anything better than diamonds in the morning to begin my day?

The sun often strikes boldly on my morning drives sweeping with broad strokes, forcing its light with intense heat and glare, sending me to grab my sunglasses and slam down my sun visor so that I can drive without swerving into the ditch.  But sometimes the finest slivers of ice slide on the surface of the frozen grass and intercept the striking sun, sending its radiance into a fine sheen, broken apart into reflective, radiant sun diamonds.

Not mined, not purchased, not selected, simply given, softly presented, waiting to be seen, signaling to be known.  Sun diamonds all along the way, lining the road, highlighting the start of a new day.

And oh how I need it to be a new day, Lord.  After yesterday’s lurches and spins and topsy-turvy, round-and-round we go movements.  The vertigo hit like a vengeance yesterday, unruly, unexpected and unwelcome.  As I tackled an organization project long overdue, I ruthlessly tossed away papers and folders, turning to this corner and then to that one, removing the old, setting up the new, swiveling about… whoa one too many times.  Then the room lurched like a ship on the lost seas caught in a maelstrom of steep waves tossing it high and low.  Vertigo lurches and lunges that wouldn’t stop despite the medication, or regardless of a regrouping position on a comfy couch or a restful bed.  Oh well, the merry-go-round never stops!

I almost decided to give up this blog over the last few weeks.  I couldn’t find the words, or perhaps the words wouldn’t find me in the middle of the constant spinning, twirling descent.  I felt lost, I had to keep blinking or I might close my eyes and spin out into a black hole.  This I suppose has been the closest I have come to filling out the dance card of depression since this vertigo came into my life over a year ago.  Constant heartfelt prayer, consistent faith and trust in an ever present Lord, continual inspiring and uplifting music, captivating family and friends who bring laughter and daily joy… these have been my stocked supply of artillery against the assault of frustration.

And then today, the Diamonds appeared.  I imagine  scooping them one, by one, by one.  Scooping them and pouring them over me so that as they melt they  seep into my very being, reaffirming the steadiness of my soul.

Maybe I swerve and sway on the outside but I am grounded and rooted within.  Diamonds from the fingers of God pour deep into my soul and steady my heart day in and day out. Like the diamonds found in the earth these solidify into enduring strength and hidden treasure.  Like the sun that slipped onto the dewy grass, these diamonds slide into place within me and build up on top of each other. I picture these diamonds lodging into place, sending forth their light, their reflections darting about, throughout and within me.

Light up diamonds, shoot your beams into the corners of my spinning mind.  Like a laser strike the vertigo at its source, zap it into oblivion and illuminate my brain so it will compensate for the mixed up messages it receives.

One more thought:  Maybe this diamond message speaks loudly to all of us.  Aren’t we all hidden treasures of resilient, refined strength?  Don’t we have within us the ability to reflect outward to others despite our unbalanced situations?  Truly isn’t that all we need to do, everyday, in as many ways as possible?  Just let the diamonds shine…

May we all have…

Diamonds all along the way, every day!

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