And this is the beginning…

I had thought this website might be about life transitions because we all face life changing times in some shape or form.  The more I mulled over this idea, I realized that the idea of transition allows one to hold onto something or to stay in one place.  Although the word implies a crossing towards something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is action to make it happen.  It can be easier to stay in the transition: to hold onto the anger, to linger as a victim, to fear the unknown, to be in denial of what lies ahead, to anticipate so wholly that the conclusion doesn’t meet the expectations, to build a wall of busyness that guards the bridge one needs to cross.
Instead I came to realize I wanted this website to signify that a step toward change has already happened.  I wanted to convey the idea that we all need to keep walking, whether we can do so physically or in our minds. I wanted to go walking with my friends and family, hoping that as we walk together, we will share insights that may encourage and uplift each other everyday.

Walking requires taking a step, to move toward a different place, to cause a beginning to occur.  Sometimes we can follow carefully worn paths in joyous abandon; sometimes we need to walk through the wilderness.  It doesn’t matter where, how, or with whom we walk… we just need to begin walking; that’s when we actually know we are going somewhere, when we know we have found our beginnings…

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