Easter: Stories and More

For the past few years, I have participated in a blog for InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship, a Canada-wide organization which exists to stimulate, encourage, and support Christians who write.

I have particularly enjoyed that each month we received a directive for a certain topic and then we had the freedom to interpret how to respond to it. One Easter we were challenged to describe from a personal viewpoint how it might have felt to live through the days of Jesus’s crucifixion. I found myself thinking of the Jesus I knew personally as a young child. The Jesus who came alive to me when my minister explained dying and heaven to a distraught 5-year-old following the sudden death of my dear Nana. I had no comprehension of grief, no sense of how her death would affect our family. Heaven existed as a place where Jesus lived, how could it become my Nana’s new home? Did she know how to get there and what should she take with her? How could I see or visit with her? What would she do in heaven? My minister patiently answered my questions and prayed with me. As I approached the concept of being an historical character living through the scenes of Jesus’ impending death, I recalled what it felt like to be on the periphery of a crisis as a child. I began to wonder about the children, those who had seen and celebrated Jesus, who had laughed with him and heard his welcoming words as he called them to him. How would they respond to the horror of his death? Who would answer their questions? That led me to write my selection featured in the Easter book of stories, “Through the Eyes of a Child.” Selections in this book include devotions, stories, and personal anecdotes, that will inspire and encourage the reader. To purchase the book, you can find it on Amazon (Canada or US), or you can click here to find it on your favorite ebook store.

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