Get Your Spots On!

I put my cheetah pants on today. If not for any other reason than they make me feel close to my granddaughter. I cannot see her physically these days due to social distancing guidelines. She adores cheetahs and immerses herself in imaginative cheetah scenarios.

Roar*! Cheetahs fearlessly greet the morning with awareness, confidence, boldness. Roar! Yes the day begins!

(*Keep in mind that cheetahs actually have a loud growling purr and chirp, not really a roar – their version of a roar!)

As I sip my coffee and wonder if or when I should listen to the daily news reports, I am mesmerized by the patterns of cheetah spots covering my pants legs. I know, plunked in the isolation of my home my mind aimlessly settles on the absurd.

The cheetah rises up to stretch, arching its back to awaken the pulsing blood coursing through its body. Rolling its neck as it scans the periphery of its location. The folds of its skin undulate in slow motion, disguising the musculature that smoulders, ready to ignite. Beneath lies hidden the unrelenting power to surge forth as needed to pursue and pounce on unsuspecting prey.

Fascinating this pretend play, I find myself breathing deeply to rejuvenate the resources my body requires to attack this day. I close my eyes and wonder if I could be like a cheetah…aware, confident, bold. Roar!

Although I understand that I must be responsible and stay at home to fight this virus; I refuse to be ignorant, scared, or timid. I want my pattern of behaviour to reflect that when this virus chose to invade my territory I woke up and allowed the power coursing through me to activate all my senses. It may come within striking distance, but let me be aware, confident and bold.

I am ever grateful knowing that the power within me has as its source my faith and trust in the Lord. With every breath I am renewed by the strength and protection provided by and through His great love. I may be warmed by these cheetah pants, but my true pattern of hope begins and continues through the love that covers me everyday. His love. His great love. His love that constantly battles for us and with us against this virus.

Keep praying. He begins each day with us and for us. Keep praying. His pattern of love covers any pattern of fear. Wake up your senses, scan your horizon and move forward. Aware, confident, bold.

What plans do you have today? What will you put on to give yourself a bit of direction in the course of your day? I’m wearing my cheetah pants. I’m going to dig out that retro cheetah fleece jacket my mother gave me and then make a silly video to send to my grandkids. Roar! This Nana will dance and close the gap of isolation with cyber distancing craziness.

Today let’s create a pattern of hope with awareness, confidence and boldness. Let’s not be the prey, let’s be the cheetah. Get your spots on!!